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Thank you for visiting our 2018 Event Calendar

Our Event Calendar is subject to change without notice. Please, continue to visit our website periodically to throughout the month to stay current with our calendar. We host monthly in conjunction with our regularly scheduled meetings each week. We also encourage you to sign up for our monthly newsletter to stay current.

2018 events calendar

March 2018

Spring Break 2018

Starts Monday 19th

11AM - 4PM

Activity Details

We look forward to sharing your week with you.

Space is limited this year, but there are still a few spaces available. Activities will began each day at 11:00am and enda t 4:00pm.

 We have a number of fun filled activities planned and scheduled for the girls. There  are a few requirements that will need to be meet to participate. Thanks in advance your your cooperation and support.

1. All the girls are being asked to wear BLACK LEGGING and BLACK comfortable footwear.

2. All the girls will be ask to be on time for the scheduled activities. Our fun it united.

3. All the girls will be asked to be picked up at the schedule time  at the end of the day.


There is a fee for the weeks activities. 


This fee covers all their activities and lunch, drinks and everything in between.