Our Mission / Purpose / Goal

Our Mission


Our mission is to inspire, excite, and encourage each young lady to explore their inner being, femininity, modesty, purity, and brilliance. All while putting emphasizes on inward beauty, which encompasses body, mind, heart and soul.

Our Purpose


Our purpose is to promote the importance of family and friendship through partnership. To teach grace, style, elegance, charm & etiquette through social interaction. To practice team work and team support. To create and demonstrate skills thru hands on activities, events, and projects that promote growth through giving from the heart.

Our Goal


Our goal is to send out polished princesses with a mind set of achievement. Equipped to fulfill their dreams through education, focus, hard work, skill building activities, knowledge, strong resources, and a clear understanding of who they are and why they were created.

Who We Are


The Princess Galleria, is a party palace for all occasions. In addition to the the over the top parties, we offer a social outlet for young girls and pre-teen girls ages 5 - 15 and for the mommies of our girls we have a "Queen's Court" a club just for the moms. It allows the mom's to interact, share, experience social growth with their daughters, and so much more.

What We Can Do For You


We can plan and host your special event from the beginning to the end. Making it a pleasant and memorable experience you, your family and guest. We plan, sponsor and host a number of events for the moms and daughters to enjoy, and make lasting memories.

What Makes Us Different


We personalize your experience and your presence with our organization. We create an comfortable environment which allows each participate to be free to be who they are and be at peace while learning, growing, sharing, and interacting with others in the group.